Kindii - a touch of delicacy and softness!

In response to the needs of the youngest consumers, Kindii brand introduced new, even softer and delicate wet wipes for babies. Three well-known variants of Kindii wet wipes: New Baby Care, Ultra Sensitive and Skin Balance have retained their special, natural-based recipes based on emollients that perfectly adapt to the needs and problems of the baby's skin. In the new, attractive Kindia packs you will find even softer and delicate wipes that effectively cleanse and nourish the baby's skin. The products are also available in the attractive multipacks and Skin Balance also in a package of 100 pieces with a convenient closure.

Kindii Pure - exceptionally gentle cleansing of sensitive skin

Kindii Pure wipes are a modern product with a limited number of ingredients created for exceptionally gentle cleansing and care of sensitive skin of infants and babies from the first day of life. Specially developed, fragrance free recipe, contains ingredients of natural origin. Aloe vera, known for moisturizing and regenerating irritated skin. The natural emollient Glyceryl Oleate protects the skin against the negative influence of external factors, prevents dehydration and strengthens the protective lipid barrier. A delicate and soft wipes cleans effectively. The packaging contains 60 wet wipes, the product is also available in consumer-friendly multi-packs.

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Kindii Skin Balance - even more packaging, even more favorite wet wipes

Kindii Skin Balance 100 pcs is a large, economical packaging of the most popular variant of wet wipes for infants and babies of the Kindii brand. The product is intended for daily care of normal skin. Wipes perfectly care for, effectively and gently cleanse, protect against irritation. They have a very delicate fragrance, giving the feeling of refreshing. They contain: sweet almond oil - a natural emollient, known for its moisturizing effect and vitamin E, known for its anti-inflammatory and regenerating effect. The new, exceptionally soft and large wipes ensures effective and gentle cleansing of the baby's skin. The convenient closure provides easy closing and opening and makes it easier to protect from drying out.The product is dermatologically tested, hypoallergenic, pH neutral for the skin, without alcohol.

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About Kindii

Expert in cleaning

Baby skin differs from adult skin. For the first two or three years, the skin of a little baby is not fully developed and does not function as a protective barrier. Therefore, it requires special care. Kindii, one of the leading brands in hygiene products for infants and young children, has been created with these special needs in mind. Kindii offers wet wipes, cotton pads and hygienic buds.


Baby skin is very thin, delicate and sensitive. Therefore, the products for young children must comply with the highest safety requirements. Kindii brand is much aware of that particular importance. Innovative wet wipes formulations are prepared in accordance with the latest knowledge and on the basis of natural emollients, to meet the needs of the delicate baby skin. They are totally safe and gentle:

  • Dermatologically tested
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Free of parabens, PEG compounds, alcohol or artificial colouring
  • Properly moistured
  • Their pH level is neutral for the skin
  • They contain active ingredients, such as: emollients, panthenol, almond oil, Vitamin E


Kindii products are made as part of a complex quality management system, which is based on standardised internal processes. Production is carried out in closely controlled conditions. We only cooperate with qualified suppliers of raw materials and packaging. Raw materials, semi-products and final products are thoroughly checked for their physical and chemical, as well as microbiological properties. The implemented quality control systems confirm meeting the highest standards::

  • ISO 22716: 2007 GMP for cosmetic products (Good Manufacturing Practices) - TUV Rheinland Polska
  • BRC CP: 2013 (BRC Global standard Consumer Products) - TUV Rheinland Polska