Eco technology

We would like our children not only to have healthy and well-cared skin, but also to live in a healthy and well-cared world. Therefore Harper Hygienics, the owner of Kindii brand, implemented the innovative Arvell technology that allows them to produce a fabric of excellent quality while preserving the highest environmental standards.

When compared to the most popular wet wipes in the world, Arvell technology presents:

57% lower usage of fossil energy

30% less usage of wood

63% lower carbon footprint

70% lower ozon layer depletion

And, moreover, no usage of water

obrazek pieknej chusteczki kindii

These environment-friendly solutions result in the development of the fabric that is more natural and gentle to the touch. The innovative structure of the fabric guarantees excellent absorption along with an appropriate moistening of the wipes, which together affects their cleansing efficiency.

Please remember to utlise the wipes in accordance with the waste separating regulations. By caring for the natural environment, you care for the future of your children.  

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